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Head Table Options 101

Updated: May 15, 2023

In the latest effort to help educate about different aspects of wedding planning I am breaking down all the seating options there are for the bride and groom on a wedding day. The choice between these options will most likely come up with: your venue or whoever is helping with your layout, your caterer and your rental company when deciding on linen types and sizes. Knowing this info in advance will allow you to communicate the “technical” terms with your vendors. Here we go!


What it is: A small table just for the bride and groom. Usually somewhere in the family of a 4 foot round or rectangluar table.

Why it's great: You can go nuts on design details when it's just for two! Glam this table upppp baby!

Down side: You don't get to sit with the wedding party. LONG ONE-SIDED

What it is: Long rectangular tables put together with narrow ends touching to form a long, narrow look with bride, groom and wedding party all seated on one side of the table. This is what most think of when referring to a traditional head table.

Why it's great: You can see your guests and they can see you! It's probably the most "on display" option so step into your spotlight girl.

Down side: If you have a large wedding party you would need LOTS of tables and it could get awkwardly long. BOTH SIDES LONG

What it is: The same “shape” as one-sided long, but bride, groom and wedding party seated on both sides of the table.

Why it's great: You get to talk to more than just the people on your left and right! It's a more communal feel with the wedding party while still looking pretty traditional.

Down side: Some of the wedding party might have their backs to the rest of the guests, but this could also be ok depending on the layout logistics. 🪑 ITALIAN STYLE

What it is: Rectangle tables put together wide sides touching to form a double wide rectangle. Usually done with at least 4 tables to form a large rectangle shape with couple at the narrow end on one side and wedding party down the two long sides across from each other.

Why it's great: Biiiig design impact! This table is usually in the middle of the layout and acts as a focal point for the whole room. Also, its FUN to sit at the end and see your whole wedding party!

Down side: Not one that's easy on the budget. This size usually requires more linens and larger centerpieces to look its best. SWEETHEART IN THE MIDDLE

What it is: A small (usually round) table for the couple only set in the middle of a row of long rectangle tables for the wedding party. Wedding party could be seated on just one or both sides.

Why it's great: It's a combo of intimate and party! You get the cozy date night vibe of a sweetheart table, but with your pals still close.

Down side: See long head table downsides.

LOTS of vendors represented in these images from our past events, but here are the photographers in order of appearance:

Andrew Edwards, Salt and Sky Studios, Shea Brianne Photography, Chris Killingsworth, Kellie Michelle, Cassidy Brooke, Bella Brick Photography, Christine Bonnivier, Kurtis Hall, Esther Ziegler, and Lauren Greenburg.

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