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What freebies do you have available?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Well, I am so glad you asked! I love sharing tips and guides with brides all over the place to help them stay organized and maintain confidence in their wedding planning.

Here's an overview of what I currently have out there...


My Top 7 Ways to be a Hospitable Bride

This list highlights some practical ways for you to make sure your guests feel informed, honored and cared for.


Tips for a Well-Planned Holiday Engagement

This list is for the friend or soon-to-be-fiance who wants to make sure all goes according to plan when popping the question!


Invitation Addressing Guide

This guide is for those looking to address their invites with the right etiquette and formatting. If you unknowingly offend someone you can likely kiss their attendance (and gift!) goodbye.


The two resources that pack the most punch though, are available for purchase on my online shop.

The Guide to Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

A 9-page comprehensive guide showing you how to create your custom event timeline. It includes multiple versions of examples and simple, step-by-step actions. This is the tried and true system I have used to create hundreds of smooth-flowing events over the past 8+ years.


Bridal Binder Digital Download

Your engagement starting point! Curated over the last 8+ years, this binder download includes forms, charts and guides that I use with my own clients. This is like the DIY version of having a full service wedding planner.

The biggest selling point of the binder is the ULTIMATE wedding planning checklist that is seriously the most comprehensive version out there. It goes from what to right away to what to do the week of the wedding and everyyyything in between.


I hope you find something helpful to guide your planning! Let me know what you would like to see next and it just might happen. :)


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