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well welcome new friend!

I am Abby Mitchell, founder and owner of Hired Hostess Event Co. I die over feminine details, could never turn down wedding cake (or any cake) and I can't help myself if I hear any 2000's Usher. Just gotta make love in this club, ya know?!

I started this business when I saw a gap in the market for really intentionally designed weddings, and have stayed because I love showing my clients how to portray thoughtful hospitality. Guests don't leave an event feeling inspired, honored and grateful on accident. It can only happen with the careful planning of a great design, seamless timeline and well-thought-out layout. 

In the past 10+ years these are the areas I have really come to master. The mixture of creative design + logistical organization are a true marriage example. And my goal is always "better together" over a messy divorce.

I hope you enjoy learning more about my business through our offerings and gallery. It is a sincere privilege to earn your attention - even if just for a few moments.

Happy planning!


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