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Big and grand or

small and sweet.

a warm welcome to you

You’ve stopped by quite a special little place. This is the virtual office of Hired Hostess Event Company – an event planning firm known for our artful design and polished etiquette. We'll execute events wherever the party takes you, but lay our heads most nights right in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City. 

Now... imagine you just walked into a prim little storefront on a tree-lined, downtown street. There’s an expensive candle burning and warm lamp-light fills the space. A bookcase of design books and magazines give a library feel, while the clean, white décor shares a modern moment. 


Coffee? Sparkling water? … Dare I say… a Diet Coke?


I invite you to sit and stay for a bit. Get inspired. Have a laugh. What good is a life if not lived for the moments that make it lovely?

tented wedding at sunset

a pretty

To me, great design is simply thoughtful functionality that looks pretty. The first step for me is always analyzing the need, the ideal use. Then comes conceptualizing and dreaming about how those concepts will be viewed. I work big picture down to little details and just for fun, I'll share a little overview of what that looks like. 


Even Bill Gates has a budget, you guys. Let's step into some fiscal freedom by knowing exactly what your expectations cost and where your budget priorities lie.


Ten years of industry knowledge means you have a seasoned veteran on your side when it comes to understanding negotiation tactics and pricing standards.

set a budget and gather a guest list

secure key vendors

Next up - building a killer team that supports your vision specifically. You don't need to spend your own precious time researching or screening, simply benefit from our respected reputation among the vendor community and our trusted network of vendors. Want to use a new, up-and-coming vendor? Great! We’ll employ our thorough vetting process to ensure excellent quality and that you are getting the best team for you and your priorities individually.


Picture this, you fill out a modern-day Teen Vogue quiz to determine your ultimate wedding style, but it’s actually a questionnaire for your real-life wedding planner who takes your hopes, dreams and personal taste and turns it into a 20+ page design document encompassing the essence of your perfect day. You don’t go blindly from vendor to vendor or scour Pinterest for inspiration. You simply have an artfully crafted plan for:

1. the timeline that keeps you and your guests' experience in mind,

2. the layout from a visionary eye to emphasize your priorities (like big feature moments or intricate, textured details) and,

3. the design components that are feasible within the events industry for your look and budget.

the design


ensure nothing is forgotten

You sleep easy knowing each and every tiny task is not only accounted for, but done in the correct order with our comprehensive monthly planning checklist. Created from our decade of experience and insight and set to your specific engagement length the approach is far from generic. With a shared copy for each of us and a monthly meeting at minimum we simply move through the list together offering insight and advice as needed.

serve, love, and celebrate!

It's the big day! Our team is loved on so that they can love on you. If we see a way to enhance a situation we don’t simply wait for it to resolve itself, we proactively do what we can. 


You can also release the pressure of attending to each social and emotional need. I am an expert at reading a room and determining the general atmosphere. Are guests bored? Impatient? Hungry? Unlikely, but possible, and if it happens, you aren’t in charge of determining and implementing an immediate solution. Your delegated team of professionals is. 


ready to get started?

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